• What is the average size and duration of your grants?
    The average amount of a grant from The Angell Foundation is $35,000.  However, the actual size of an awarded grant is based on an organization's fiscal viability, overall program and the Foundation's grantmaking budget in any given year.  Grants are given for a single year at a time.


  • What are the deadlines for grant proposals?
    Grants are awarded three times per year.  The Foundation will notify organizati
    ons of pertinent deadlines when and if they are invited to submit a full proposal.


  • Do you provide guidance during the application process?
    Yes, we provide advice and guidance to invited organizations during the application process and throughout the grant term.


  • May we fax or email letters of inquiry or proposals?
    No.  LOIs and proposals must be delivered by postal mail unless otherwise instructed by Angell Foundation staff.


  • If the Foundation does grantmaking by invitation only, how can we get to know you to be considered in future years?
    You are free to send us information or contact us to discuss your organization and program. Though we can not guarantee that we will invite you to submit a proposal, we are always delighted to learn more about new organizations and program strategies. We ask that all organizations thoroughly review our website to assess their fit with the Foundation’s funding priorities and note specific funding limitations before contacting us.
  • Do you accept letters of inquiry? 
    The Foundation’s grantmaking process is by invitation only. Organizations must be invited by staff to submit an LOI or proposal. Please read How to Apply to learn more about the process. 


  • Does the Foundation fund multi-year grants? 
    No. The Foundation does not provide multi-year grants; however, we may invite grantees to resubmit grant proposals for second-year funding.  On occasion, organizations have been funded in multiple years after being re-evaluated annually.  Despite this fact, we make no guarantees for continued support in subsequent years.


  • Can our organization apply again after being funded in previous years?
    The Angell Foundation seeks to build long-term partnerships with grantee organizations. Receiving funds in past years does not preclude an organization from being invited to submit a proposal at a later time, nor does it keep the organization from being invited to submit in successive years.


  • How will I know if you have received my LOI?
    It is the Foundation's intention to acknowledge receipt of all invited LOIs immediately following submission, and every effort is made to answer all letters of inquiry within three months of receipt.  The Foundation will acknowledge receipt of materials by mail or email.


  • Do you give grants to individuals?
    No. Our grantmaking is exclusively targeted toward organizations with a 501(c)(3) designation from the Internal Revenue Service.


  • How do I request a grant application?
    Grant applications are by invitation only.  Invited organizations will be sent the proposal preparation guidelines and forms via email, or they may access the forms via password in the How to Apply section of our website.


  • Will the Foundation consider Program Related Investments (PRIs)?
    Yes. Program-related investments (PRIs) are low-cost loans and equity investments provided at below-market rates to support charitable activity.  PRI requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please note that the Foundation provides its PRIs on an organizational basis only; requests for investments in individual real estate projects or business enterprises are not eligible for funding.


  • Where should I send my LOI/grant proposal?
    Applicants should address all materials to:

    The Angell Foundation
    11150 Olypmic Boulevard, Suite #910
    Los Angeles, CA  90064


  • What are the guidelines for submitting an LOI?
    Details for submitting letters of inquiry can be found on the website. Please note that we do not typically accept uninvited requests for funding; therefore, we cannot guarantee a response to unsolicited requests.


  • In which geographic areas does the Foundation fund?
    Funding is provided for programs that impact Southern California and/or New England communities and residents.


  • If my organization is headquartered outside of the Foundation’s geographic requirements, yet hosts a program in either Southern California or New England, am I eligible to apply for funding?
    Yes. However, you must clearly explain how your program impacts or serves the communities and residents of Southern California and/or New England.